As an all-volunteer organization established in 1993, the Corte Madera Beautification Committee initiated the Hanging Basket Project 26 years ago.  We partner with the Corte Madera Public Works Department to keep the baskets looking beautiful throughout each summer, spring, and fall.

If you’d like to volunteer or join with other public-spirited citizens in sponsoring the 47 hanging baskets that will be displayed in 2020, please contact us at Post Office Box 340, Corte Madera CA 94976 or by e-mail at

Corte Madera’s Hanging Flower Baskets are funded by our community

Pauline Angleman

David Bell

Benissimo Restaurant

Daniel Markovitz & Lynn Brody

Donal & Brenda Brown

Bob & Linda Bundy

Liz Burd

Betty Butler

Ronald & Judy Carr

David & Diane Clegg

Richard & Carla Condon

Henry & Glenda Corning

Corte Madera Library Friends & Staff

Chris & Dayna Coghlan

Robert & Judith Creasy

Ian & Lauren Del Baso

Linda Barry Dunn

Eric Engstrom

Phyllis Galanis-Fedanzo

Barbara Fopp

Jennifer Friedman

Cheers to all the sponsors of

this year’s Hanging Flower Baskets


Edwin & Phyllis Motell

Wulfrin & Suzanne Oberlin

Dan & Elein Phipps

John & Fran Prewitt

Steve & Diane Provo

Larry & Becky Reed

Tim & Nancy Reyes

Achim & Sigrid Roggenbuck

Leah Larson Saroni

Madeline Schaider and

    Alan Blumenthal


Jana Haehl

Eric & Jennifer Henerlau

Rick & Suzanne Herrero

Ray & Diane Hollister

Holy Innocents Church

Charles & Mary Jones

James & Joan Kelly

Spring Kraeger

Carolyn Larson

Lighthouse Cafe

Gwyneth Lister

Cheryl Longinotti

Craig Love

Lynden Larson Magnoli

Marin Acura

Clyde & Lucy Marquart

Ronald & Kathlene Martyn

Charles & Marie McDevitt

Gloria McGoran

Lois McLean

Phyllis Metcalfe

Jan Shaw

Christopher & Livia Stone

Tamalpais Paint & Color

Gary Traverso

Kurt & Cynthia Trutner

Lorraine Urban

Agnes Van Der Hoeven

Joan Vaughan

Joanne Walker

Jeanne & Livio Zanzi