Welcome to the Corte Madera

Beautification Committee


The Corte Madera Beautification Committee was established in 1993 by Corte Madera residents Carolyn Larson and Pat Ravasio, along with others who were willing and able to devote their time, energy, and expertise to projects that would help to make Corte Madera the most beautiful town in Marin.  Their volunteer efforts initiated many of the popular enhancements to public property that now characterize Corte Madera’s townscape--the colorful hanging flower baskets, the vibrantly planted medians, the ‘pocket landscapes’ at intersections, handsome signs at the entrance to neighborhoods, the street tree planting program, the evergreen wreaths during the holiday season, and much more.

To help support such projects, the Beautification Committee asked the Corte Madera Community Foundation to serve as its fiscal sponsor, which makes donations tax-deductible to donors because the Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, charitable organization that has 501(c) 3 status with the IRS.  Since the Foundation’s mission is to promote events, facilities, programs, and services that build community spirit and enhance Corte Madera’s small-town character, the work of the Beautification Committee contributes significantly to fulfilling the Foundation’s mission.

The Beautification Committee’s efforts have won applause from local residents and many others in neighboring communities.  Much of the credit belongs to the Corte Madera Public Works Department, which has added colorful landscaping to public property at major intersections and does outstanding work to make sure that all of Corte Madera’s street-side planting continues to thrive and

look beautiful all year long.

The Beautification Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of most months from 10am to noon in the community room at the Corte Madera LIbrary.  Everyone who is interested in volunteering on the Committee is welcome to participate.

To be added to the BC mailing list and receive meeting notices and agendas, send your name and e-mail address to CMBeautification@comcast.net or to P.O. Box 340,

Corte Madera CA 94976. 

Our annual Oktoberfest in Corte Madera is the Beautification Committee’s major fundraiser.  In 2017 it will be on Saturday, October 14th, from noon to 5pm at Menke Park in Old Corte Madera Square.

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